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The following sequences are based on those proposed by Cleal, Walker and Montague whose work was published in 1995 and accepted by many as currently the most complete picture of construction at the site.Interpretations of exactly what each of these successive changes meant to the builders however are open to conjecture.Every Circler endevours to make a difference to those less fortunate than them by supporting community projects and raising funds for the needy, locally and nationally.This page describes the theory of how the dates for our main events are determined.

Following this you may opt to attend the LCI AGM and then meet lots of Circlers from all over the world.At the Innovation café Smart Cities you learn more about smart city developments, networks and funding possibilities from best practices as the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable cities, RDM Rotterdam and Online platform Smart Cities.During the Smart & Safe City Event also the City organizes the festival ‘Futureproof The Hague” Experience our smart Future! During this festival The Hague shows their citizens the possibilities of the City of the Future, by Virtual Reality, the Data Mirror Room, Tinybot Tessa Robot, a drive in a virtual car, at several locations within The Hague Start Up’s present their innovations within containers.The network/app operates in a similar way to many dating sites: there are "like" functions, photo browsing, profile building, and ways to interact and chat. Users post plans to go out to bars and clubs; users traveling to London can ask for advice and meet-ups.This is the difference 5 EUR provides Ensures that 3 girls at Little Big Help Girls’ Home receive a full day of meals (4 meals per day – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner)/ Pays for 10 large lunch meals at Little Big Help’s Girls’ Home Covers the expenses for 2 girls from the Girls’ Home to go on a […] Read More LCI Officers Applicants Please click on the pictures to read more about the nominees.