Who is ruby rose dating

Five years ago a meme crudely titled “lesbians who look like Justin Bieber” had its brief moment on the Internet.The conceit was simple: photos of women and girls, probably many lesbians among them, with short hair and a little blessing in the bone-structure department, who really did bear a striking resemblance to the boy singer. television debut on Netflix's Bechdel-test-smashing hit .This Season 3 promotional flyer quoted a random Twitter user, who may have spoken for the whole Internet when she said, “This new Stella chick . She’s wearing a prohibitively spiky leather jacket (Viktor Luna), matching studded sneaker-boots (Saint Laurent), and her hair has changed to a Spock-ish bowl cut that requires a heroic effort to pull off.“Physically and mannerisms-wise, we’re very similar,” says Rose, taking a seat at the hotel dining table and folding her skinny hands over her elbows.Tattoos on her knuckles spell out J-U-S-T L-O-V-E.“Stella’s very androgynous and comfortable in her skin,” she continues. Whereas Stella doesn't really give a fuck.”To channel Stella’s swag, Rose drew on a “flirty” confidence she used to fake around childhood crushes.

On the upshot, her commentary was effervescent as ever.

Bad Blood between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift has been reignited.

And Ruby Rose and Nicki Minaj are in the thick of it, too.

It all started a few hours ago when Katy dropped a surprise new track featuring Nicki called 'Swish Swish'.

It's a banger first and foremost, but it's also shady as hell.