Who is dating jeffrey donovan dating a pilot

Jeffrey Donovan (born May 11, 1968) is an American television, film and stage actor.He plays the lead character, Michael Westen, on the American cable television.The couple reportedly dated for long and had an romantic love affair before getting wed. As a loving husband and wife, they have been parents twice.Besides this married life, he has not been involved in extra affairs and he also doesn't have any girlfriend than her loving wife.He is a martial arts enthusiast who got his black belt in karate while in college.In 2009, he was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

Who's Dated Who feature on Jeffrey Donovan including trivia, quotes, pictures, biography, photos, videos, pics, news, vital stats, fans and facts. Cha Cha Answer: Never married, Jeffrey Donovan is dating actress Ellen Muth who's starring in Showtime's "... Burn Notice Pictures, Lauren Stamile Photos, Jeffrey Donovan Pics.

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