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Collaborate with us on strategic research projects to help de-risk your innovative ideas, assist with performance evaluation of technologies and evaluate new methods of increasing safety and efficiency.The Arctic program's priority areas will enable sustainable and targeted technology solutions in the following areas: Resource Development: Increasing the reliability of offshore development in ice-covered waters.Two thirds of those are Chinese and Russian designs. Such action is essential to ensuring that the federal government can meet its statutory and contractual commitments.” Korsnick also said Congress should support small modular reactors (SMRs).“The small modular reactor licensing and technical support program should be expanded to support first-of-a-kind engineering work.

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In response, the Arctic program develops technologies that will ensure the sustainable and low-impact development of the North while also increasing the quality of life for Northerners through more reliable and relevant infrastructure.

By partnering with the northern shipping and mining industries, as well as with government regulators and operators, the program develops technologies that will result in safer and more efficient shipping operations in ice-covered waters.

May 4, 2017—As the debate begins on the administration’s budget proposal for fiscal 2018, NEI provided its perspective on what Congress should prioritize in the government’s nuclear energy programs. “While our reactor fleet relies on a focused, efficient, and technically expert NRC, we believe the agency’s regulatory regime needs to evolve,” Korsnick said.

House Appropriations Committee’s Energy and Water Development subcommittee May 3, NEI President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Korsnick emphasized the importance of improving efficiency at the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, dealing with used nuclear fuel and other top priorities.