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I’m pretty sure that It won’t be long for KARD to become a huge hit in Korea and also internationally. They said that their debut was a greater success than they had expected. One of her fans left the comments “There is a good chemistry between you and BM! ” on the comment section in the Ji Woo’ s Instagram.

D finally opened 1st Mini Album “Hola Hola” preview on 14, July. KARD’s 1st World Tour “WILD KARD” in America will be held at the following cities: We would never have expected them to get famous in such a fast way. And most of fans know that BM and Ji Woo spent a lot of time during their training term.

KARD 1st Tour “WILD KARD” in Brazil: Schedule Especially for K. And some of fans already made many videos for them.

Let’s check out when and where to welcome them happily. We can get their sweet and happy photos capturing their special moments especially between .

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