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He came off the bench to score 18 points against the Magic and helped the Raptors earn a victory.So it shouldn't come as a surprise to see that Williams' name has landed in a bunch of headlines this morning.This page will be your hub throughout the Oscar season for predictions in all of the Academy’s various categories as we move through the twists and turns of the circuit. We’ll be here to track the shifting and sliding as it happens.Click through on each to see a list of contenders per category with ranked assessments of the various races. Barry Allen was born on March 14, 1989 to Henry and Nora Allen as an only child.At some point in his childhood he met Iris West who he became best friends with, and soon after formed a crush on her.

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The hosts were plumbers by day and paranormal investigators by night.BENNINGTON — Kris Williams came to town Friday but she wasn't in search of ghosts.Instead, the former paranormal investigator from the Sy Fy television channel's "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" series discussed ethics which fraudsters have ignored throughout history.What received a tip that indicated that Williams is involved in a relationship with two women right now.And while that in and of itself isn't particularly shocking or even newsworthy—it's not the first time anyone has heard about an NBA player dating more than one woman at the same time—what is kind of crazy is that both women allegedly know about each other and have agreed to an unorthodox relationship that involves all three of them going out in public and spending time together.