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I recently became a Spotify Premium member after using Freefor about a year.

I love the service; however, I feel that the Android app is a bit lacking.

The Sensation XL isn’t a replacement for the original Sensation in the traditional sense.

Instead, HTC seems to be positioning both devices alongside each other, with the XL geared towards big multimedia consumers rather than spec-obsessed enthusiasts.

HTC's Sense UI is better than ever, and the bundled Beats hardware is a huge step up from the bog-standard earphones provided with most phones.

Youtube link for mobile viewing HTC has been quick to add new phones to its list of bootloader-unlockable devices, but so far the Sensation XL is nowhere to be found on HTCDev’s list of unlockable phones.

People entering the world of Android, have alot to learn, there is so much you can do with your cellphone and the possibilities are endless!

If you are an HTC Desire user, jump right in for a detailed noob proof guide to rooting your smartphone and installing a custom rom.

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Here’s some of the best features we’ve found so far. Secret Debug screen Dial *#*#4636#*#* through the phone button, and a hidden screen.Looking for a task manager in the middle of the app?Hold the home button, and a window will appear for simple app switching.I use the downloading playlists feature to avoid having to be constantly connected to a network and therefore save battery, but have noticed that any usage of Spotify, even while listening to downloaded music in offline mode while my phone is in airplane mode causes the battery to die very quickly.1% of drain per minute is the average, I would expect this behavior while streaming high definition video; not while listening to downloaded music.