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They are engineers and civil affairs officers helping to rebuild Iraq.We contacted a handful of them—some of whom are in Iraq, others who have gone and returned—and asked about their experiences.Accounting for 15 percent of all service people and 10 percent of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, women work as engineers, truck drivers, and pilots and weapons experts, doctors, nurses and military police.Jobs once closed to these women are slowly opening up. Despite this historical record high percentage of females now enlisted in the US armed forces we know very little about these woman, ranging in age from their teens to their 50's.Some of them are fresh out high school trying to navigate their way in life and yet many of them have been seasoned by life and have children and even grandchildren thousands of miles away back home.Some of these women are just falling in love for their first time and yet there are others who are trying to hold their lives together after a torn marriage, others are caught fighting to maintain their family lives the best they can by grasping onto the Internet and their web cam cameras despite the long distance and long separation.In the hospital, there were many children diagnosed with cancer at different ages, ranging from one-year-old to their early teens.The AUIS students met a group of approximately 35 children.

I can't even imagine what it is like to deal with your situation.

The stories that follow are a window into the combat lifestyle.

Most military men and women in Iraq work seven days a week for months on end, separated from their families.

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