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I was sheriff of this county when I was twenty-five. Joel and Ethan Coen have been praised and condemned for their expert "craftsmanship" and their "technical" skills -- as if those skills had nothing to do with filmmaking style, or artistry; as if they existed apart from the movie itself. -- Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) The land is black, swallowed in the shadows. This is Genesis, the primordial landscape of "No Country for Old Men." We may think we're looking at a sunset at first, but the next few shots show a progression: The sky lightens, the sun rises above the horizon to illuminate a vast Western expanse. And then, a distant windmill -- a mythic "Once Upon a Time in the West" kind of windmill. "No Country for Old Men" has been called a "perfect" film by those who love it and those who were left cold by it.

I celebrate by toasting photography itself, knowing that it has steered my life to many special places in my heart that I was unaware even existed. The camera has given me this license to go seek out rare but significant events, subjects or things that should be seen by all, in order to know us all a little better.Women older than 26 are legally allowed to get the shot, but it's at their doctor's discretion. I'm sorry you didn't get it before." Actually, I've learned, it's not quite that simple.Since it's an "off-label" use, health insurance generally won't cover it, and it's costly. I spoke to a mid-20s woman, an administrative assistant in Sacramento, who asked her gynecologist if she should consider the vaccine. The issue comes down to a conflict between minding the health of populations vs. Federal regulators naturally care about setting policies that represent the most cost-effective way of protecting the overall population.The thrill comes, when I am witnessing greatness before me.Greatness in whatever I can find in a subject, with the idea of showing it to you and all.