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Anyone new to 30 Dates may not realise the Awards are my baby.Back in April of last year, I realised no Awards existed for the British Dating Industry, and so I went on to spend 6 months trying to convince a now rather established Industry to back my vision.It’s a unique opportunity to network with journalists, websites, events companies and bloggers.The event ran together with a full day Industry Conference.Back in April when I came up with the concept, it was a simple pipe dream.Last Thursday night, I stood at the doorway of the Prince Consort Rooms of the Honorable Artillery Company – an incredible, old military building in the heart of London, as 270 members of the UK Dating Industry took to the red carpet, dressed in black tie.The awards will be judged by a panel of respected, impartial individuals from within the Dating Industry.All affiliations will be declared by these judges prior to the shortlist process, and any panellists with affiliations to nominees will be excluded from voting, where relevant.

To maintain the integrity of the awards, we hope all shortlisted individuals and organisations attend the Awards Ceremony on the 15th.

The US Dating Awards reserve the right to publish excerpts, and showcase screen shots from entered websites in relation to the awards.

If an individual or organization is deemed ineligible, or disqualified from an award, the US Dating Awards will not refund the administration fees. This is standard practice in national-level Industry Awards. Entry fees must be at the same time as your nomination form.

The Industry Awards offer a unique opportunity for companies and individuals to be recognised for their achievements in Dating Technology, Marketing, Media, Customer Service, Expertise and Entrepreneurship.

The first US Awards show will be on September 15th at the Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan, New York.