Dating someone with a terminal illness

But while coping with those emotions, you have to juggle caregiving responsibilities along with work deadlines and other family obligations. In those brief moments you steal for yourself, the sadness and anger lift; you feel light, relaxed, even happy. Before you know it, one things leads to another, and you’re having an affair.

You feel the deep sorrow and grief and rage that come with losing the most important person in your life.

While rheumatoid arthritis is not classifiable as a terminal illness, there are definitely enough complications that can arise from the disease itself to side effects of medications that can, in fact, be quite dangerous.

You will become very ill, angry, depressed, unable to do things you otherwise could. If anyone within the same time zone as you has the flu/cold/pneumonia/etc, you'll get it even if you're just at home."When I told him I was hesitant to tell him about the cancer because I wasn’t sure if he would want to see me anymore, his answer was, ‘Can I see you again?’” Photo courtesy of Jeff Salmore Photography Six years ago, I spent Valentine’s weekend lurching around Seattle trying to come to terms with the fact that I was now a cancer patient.I still consider her my girlfriend and have not even thought about leaving or being with anyone else.She keeps me at a distance, but I try to let her know that I am there for her and still love her.