Dating blues junior

In superb fully restored condition and modded to run at 14watts instead of the original 6watts with new Jensen speaker. I have too many guitars and need to depart with some of them. Note there is no case for it Happy to swap/trade with fender blues junior tweed amp Selling my Fender Blues Junior III. I've used it sparingly at home to practice and and about six to seven times on stage. p ID=2230503000&bc=Body Shape&bcid=0) Amplifier Height: 16" (40This guitar is in mint condition and barely played.It has a FULL sound and the valves are warm and sound amazing with a Strat or hollowbody guitar, which is what I used it for.Great for bedroom jamming, pub gigging or for church. Email me any questio John petrucci signature guitar This guitar in brand new condition!The amp sounded great in a large club without being mic’d.After some investigating, I ended up at the Fargen booth and learned that the amp had been upgraded with the “Fargen Hot Mod”.It is aimed at achieving the warm, tube-driven tone common in many styles of American blues and bl...

Last year at the NAMM show, I saw a little red Blues Jr. It was being used for lap steel guitar and also a pop/rock guitar performances.

No issues with the amp at all, just selling to buy another guitar. Bought it new and never gig Just played a few times No issues at all Come with everything it original has Hard case, documents stuff,etc.

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I was impressed from the very beginning with the quality, volume, and tone from this little amp.

Although my go to for playing is high wattage boutique amps, I have always enjoyed this amp.